"Hot Topics in Instructional Technology" Project
Research one of the “Hot Topics” below. You will design and present your information on your topic, including its implications for education, using a Powerpoint slide show. You have the option of partnering with another student in this classroom to complete this project. Due March 25 (45 pts)
Create a wikispace page on your own wiki and add a link to it from this page (see below) to summarize your findings and list resources you’ve found for the topic. Attach your powerpoint as one of the resources on this page.Hot Topics Grading Sheet

Hot Topics Wiki links (link to your wiki page in this section)

Dan Barton and Jason Messinger- Digital Portfolios

Digital Portfolios Presentation - by Jason Messinger and Dan Barton

Heather Winters and Kari Showers - Distance Learning Pros and Cons

. Andrea: Digital Textbooks

. Ben - Copyright issues

Lianna and Kirsten - Podcasting

Brandy: One to One computer initiative
Nicole and Cassin - Interactive White Boards

Design a Powerpoint presentation based on one of the following topics:

1. Interactive White Boards in the Classroom - Cassin Dentice and Nicole Heyer
2. One-to-One computer initiatives Brandy Stormes
3. Electronic Portfolios - Jason Messinger/Dan Barton
4. Copyright Issues in Education - Ben Hilt
5. Distance learning pros and cons- kari and heather
6. Using technology in the teaching of ....(music, chemistry, biology, etc) - Several students may choose this - as long as they have different subject areas.
7. Digital Textbooks - Andrea Myers
8. GPS / Palm Pilots / Other handheld devices in the classroom
9. Internet Safety for students
10. Assistive / Adaptive technologies for Handicapped students
11. Podcasting in Education- Kirsten Olson and Lianna Fisher

Your Project:
  • Needs to address your topic's implications for education - present and future
  • Must follow the guidelines for Effective Powerpoint Presentations
  • Must contain at least 25 slides
  • Needs to include a formatted background and formatted text.
  • Must include transitions between slides.
  • Must include at least one text animation and one sound effect.
  • Must include clip art from the program.
  • Must include at least one image copied from the Internet.
  • Needs to be presented orally, using the Powerpoint as a "hook", to attract attention to your basic points. It must not be read word for word from the Powerpoint.
  • Needs to have an accompanying wikispace page with a summary of your findings and resource links.
  • Test your presentation in advance on a YCP computer to see if graphics, text, sounds and animations work properly.
  • Extras:
    • Take a picture with a digital camera and insert it into your presentation.
    • Take a small amount of digital video and insert that into your presentation.
    • Insert some digitized audio (.mp3 files, .wav files, etc) into your presentation.

Hot Topics Grading Sheet