In Class Assignment:
Create a 3 min movie on the topic: "How I plan to integrate technology into my teaching". (Share your thoughts on digital kids or how you will take advantage of the technology available to enhance your classroom teaching.)
"What I learned in ED200"

1. Plan your movie and shoot footage using the flip cameras.
2. Connect the Flip video cam to the computer's usb port.
3. When the Flip video program opens, close it with the red ball in the upper left corner.
4. Double click on the Flip video icon on the desktop. Now you should see the DCIM folder. Open it and then open the 100VIDEO folder. Your movie clips should be inside this folder.
5. Open the iMovie program (on the "Creative Tab")
6. Drag your movie clips to the clips pane in iMovie (area with the little boxes)
7. Split any clips you need to by putting the playhead at the spot you want to split and then going to Edit / Split video clip at Playhead
8. Drag the clips you want to be in the movie to the timeline in the lower part of the window.
9. Add Titles: Click on Editing / Choose your title effect / type in the text, then drag the "T" in front of the title effect to the Timeline.
10. Add Transitions between your clips (just drag the transition to the spot you want)
11. Add Photos by dragging them from the Internet to the desktop, then into the clips pane.
12. Add Audio - You can record right into the program or add music and sound effects.
13. If you want to use a garage band song - find podcast jingles - drag one to the GarageBand work area - Save the song to the desktop, then choose "Share" / Export song to disk- export to desktop then drag to audio timeline in iMovie
14. You can go to and download a music clip from there to put into your production.
15. When you are finished, go to Share (in iMovie) / Quicktime / Compress movie for web / Share (Save to desktop)
16. Go to Youtube, log in as ycped200, password bears
17. Click "Upload Video" and upload your video file to YouTube.

Class #13 (April 29) Podcasts and Google Earth in the Classroom

Tonight will be a "hands on" class using the Mac laptops. We'll be exploring uses for podcasts and creating / posting / subscribing to our own podcast using Garageband (Mac application) and Podbean (free Podcast hosting site). We'll also be investigating Google Earth and its application in the classroom. We'll be taking a look at the Digital microscope that I couldn't get to work last week.

Class #12 (April 22) Presentation of Webquests and last Hot Topics Presentation
Tonight we'll be presenting our Webquests to the class (a brief presentation in front of the group). You'll be evaluating 3 of your classmate's webquests using the evaluation form on the Webquest wiki page. We'll be watching the last Hot Topics presentation and taking a look at Digital Microscope use in the classroom.

Class #11 (April 15) Webquest Work Session
Webquests are due next class.

Class #10 (April 1) Finish Hot Topics / Introduce Webquests
Tonight we'll explore the Concept of Webquests. We don't have class next week, but your Introduction and Task need to be finished by Wednesday, April 8. You should have your Process section complete by April 15. The finished webquest is due April 22.

Class #9 (March 25) Share Hot Topics Presentations

Class #8 (March 18) Creating Technology Integrated Lesson Plans

Tonight's focus: Creating Technology Integrated Lesson plans. We'll be looking at Technology Standards, Curriculum Standards, Blooms Taxonomy, and Essential Questions.

Class #7 (March 11) Spreadsheets and Presentation Software in the Classroom
Tonight we will explore ways that you can use Spreadsheets and Presentation Software to enhance your classroom lessons.

Class #6- (Feb 25) Website Evaluation/ Acceptable Use / Word Processing
Tonight we will present our classroom websites. We'll covering the following topics: Evaluating Websites, Acceptable Use policies, and using Word Processing software in the classroom.

(Don't forget that your classroom resources wiki is due March 11)

Assignment #1 - Go to the Class Ning Site Forum and respond to the Word Processing post that says, "Describe at least 5 ways that you could use word processing software in your future classroom to teach word processing skills along with core content." Due March 11(Part of your participation grade)

Assignment #2 - Complete the Microsoft Word Exercise handout. Can you make your document look just like this? Use the Word Exercise Evaluation sheet to see how it will be graded and get tips on creating the document. Submit your Word document as an email attachment to the instructor. Word Exercise Grading sheetDue March 11(20 points)

Assignment #3 - Choose your "Hot Topics" topic. Put your name next to the Hot Topic you choose on the Wiki. Begin your research. Go to the Hot Topics Wiki Page for more details on this assignment. Due March 25 (45 pts)

Class #5 - (Feb 18) Classroom Website Worksession-

Assignment #1 - Create your Classroom Website for your hypothetical "Dream Job". This can be for a make-believe school or for a real one. Post the link to your site on the main page of our wiki. We will present these in class next week. See the grading sheet from Assignment #3 in Class #4 to view how the project will be assessed. Your class site link is
Assignment #2 - Continue your work on your classroom resources wiki. Post the links to these wikis on our "Classroom Resources Wikis" page (linked on the left) Make sure you give each site a "friendly name" as well as the URL to the site. Write a brief description of what the website offers. Make sure you list the topic of your resources at the top of the page. Due March 11.

Class #4 (Feb 11) Web 2.0 Presentations and "Creating a Classroom Website".

Welcome to Session #4! Today we will hear from YOU regarding the wide array of Web 2.0 tools available for teachers to use. We'll also take a look at what goes into making a good classroom site and begin working on our own sites using a web editor.

Assignment #1 - Link your Web 2.0 sites to our Webspiration diagram. (part of your participation grade)
Assignment #2 - Find two examples of excellent classroom sites to share with class. Go to the Ning site and post your examples in response to the “Excellent Sites” question in the Forum. Explain why you chose these examples. Link out to these sites in your post by clicking on the hyperlink icon in the Forum “Reply” workspace. (10 pts)

Assignment #3 - Begin work on your classroom website. Your assignment must include: Information for parents, Information for students, clip art or pictures, links to external websites, and use principals of good visual design. When finished, post the link to your website on the Home page of this wiki. (35 pts - Due Feb 25) website_assign.doc

Class #3- (Feb 4) Using the Internet for Teaching and Learning cont. (Focus on Web 2.0 Tools)
Tonight's class will continue our look at the various ways that the Internet can enhance our teaching. We'll explore various categories of web resources and take a close look at the Web 2.0 phenomenon.

Assignment #1: (Due Feb 25)
• Email your teacher contact. Introduce yourself – (tell your major/year in school/where from) Tell them that you’ve been given an assignment to find web resources for a topic that you may be teaching in the future. Ask the following questions:
• What are some of the ways you use technology to enhance your teaching?
• What is your biggest challenge in using technology with your students?
• Can you suggest a topic (or several) that I can use to find web resources for you to use in the classroom? I’ll post these to a website and send you the link when I have the assignment completed.
(Don’t delete these emails – we’ll be sharing the responses at some point)
student_teacher assignments.xls(Excel Download) (15 pts)

Assignment #2:
• Explore one of the Web 2.0 Tool Categories. (Pick your assignment- due in class next week)
  • Wikis Kari Showers
  • Digital Image sharing/editing Brandy Stormes
  • Collaborative Writing (Documents)
  • Slideshows (Presentation) Lianna Fisher
  • Poll and Survey Tools
  • Collaborative Drawing - Dan Barton
  • Screen Sharing Heather Winters
  • Podcasting Kirsten Olson
  • Video Hosting (Video Sharing) - Jason Messinger
  • Blogging LaShon Smith
  • Mindmapping (Idea Maps) Andrea Myers
  • Digital Storytelling - Ben H
  • Social Networking Nicole
  • Desktop Videoconferencing Cassin
Be prepared to explain and/or demonstrate your tool in class next week. (3-5 min) Answer the following: What is your type of tool used for? What are some of the popular tools in your category? What benefits can you see in using your tool for education? (10 pts)
Create an //**Animoto**// presentation to use as part of your class presentation.
• After you’ve created your Animoto - Choose "Download Video" (looks like a computer)
• Download it to your desktop
• Log into our Ning site
• Go to the Video tab
• Click on "Add Videos"
• Choose your file, then click "Add Video"

Class #2 - (Jan 28) Using the Internet for Teaching and Learning
Welcome to ED200 - Session 2! This week's focus will be on the various types of Internet resources available for enhancing teaching and learning in your classroom. We'll be looking at categories of web resources, searching techniques, evaluating websites, and teaching about the Internet to students.

Assignment 1: Go to the “Heavy Hitters” link on our class wiki and post a review of THREE of the sites to the Ning site Blog Area. Write approximately one paragraph about each site. Tell what it offers to teachers and/or students and mention at least one thing you think you’d use in the classroom from that site. Link out to the sites in your post by clicking on the "Add Hyperlink" icon in the blog toolbar. . Note: If you find a site that you think should be added to this list, please add it to the wiki. (10 points)

Assignment 2: Post at least one tip for searching effectively as an answer to the "Effective Searching Tips" Question on our Ning site. Read the Tips posted by your classmates to make sure you don't post the same tip. Use the "Effective Searching" links from our Wiki site or any other resources to find your tip. Log into the Atomic Learning sites with username "bears", password "bears" (This post is part of your participation grade)

Class #1 - (Jan 21) Introduction to Instructional Technology
Welcome! Today's class will focus on the exploring the history of technology in education, reasons for using technology in education, and "Digital Kids". We will be using several Web 2.0 tools during class time.

Assignment 1: Create a Glogster Poster on the topic of "Digital Learners". Make sure you address the questions, "What are Digital Learners", and "What does a 21st Century Classroom look like?" Post your Glogster link on the Classroom Wiki Main page- make sure you put your name beside the link. Resources for this assignment can be found on the class wiki - click on Digital Kids to see the list of resources. Please add your own links to resources if you find some good ones. (10 pts. Your project needs to address the two questions, include graphics, text, and at least one link to a website)

Assignment 2:** Go to the Course Ning site and post a response to the "21st Century Kids" question. Feel free to post your own questions and add other content to the site.